Monday, June 6, 2016

New Elder Matua, learning and working

One of the goofiest Zones I've ever
worked with
My mind is still going crazy after hearing about the big news. When I watched that video and saw that boy jump for joy I started crying. I'm so proud of him. It literally makes me so happy he's made it this far. And KOREA?! Where the heck did that come from?? that's SO funny. I'm actually kind of jealous of him. Everyone here in Taiwan absolutely loves Korea. He's going to love it. And it's going to be waaaaay funny to hear him speak Korean. Tell him to talk to Brother Butler, he also served in Korea. He's going to baptize Seyheun I know it. Arrgh!

I'm so happy for that kid. The whole August 17th thing is a huge bummer, I really wanted to see him before he headed out, and four years with out him is way too long! I'll have to break into the MTC when he's there. I'm also excited for Tai and the others. Tell Tai I love him and good luck. The Lord needs him there for a
Our entire Zone

This week was pretty good. Elder Tan and I tore it up on the streets, found a lot of new people, a lot of new hopefuls. I would tell you about everything that went on, but I still can't think straight because 1. I don't think straight anymore and 2. MEEKS IS SERVING A MISSION!!

Elder Tan and I held our first Zone Meeting together on Tuesday. It went pretty well. The Lord is brilliant in His whole method of Go and Do, and Return and Report. We first learn things from our leaders and we think we feel enlightened and inspired. But as soon as we turn outward to others and share the message, share the things we've learned, it really sticks and becomes a part of us.

One of our Ward Members
Guan Chen, helping us
do the work
The temperature has been pretty rough lately. I'm wet 24-7 because of rain or sweat. It's been breaking 100 degrees every day plus the humidity factor. Yeah, Taiwan is doing good. I'm doing good as well. Just pray for the people of the world to soften their hearts. They need what we've got!

Love you all
Elder Chase Matua

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