Monday, June 20, 2016

Ice skating, English class and FHE

FHE with Ward family
Elder Tan and I had a pretty interesting week.

Last P-day, we went ice skating. It was fun, but I was pretty sore after that. Monday night we went to a ward family home evening. Songshan is one of the most unified wards I've been in.

Tuesday we went up to Neihu for our district meeting. There continues to be a huge push on working closely with the members, so most of the training's lately have been aimed towards that vision.

Wednesday's English class went well. I'm still teaching the advanced class, and I'm running out of things to teach. My English isn't even that good anyway.

The week seemed like just another week, then Elder Tan's knee got screwed up on Thursday morning during exercises. He can't really walk, so we've been struggling  these past couple of days. We'll know what's going to happen to him tomorrow, but please pray for him!

Fortunately we had an exchange with Neihu on Thursday and Friday. One of them stayed in with Elder Tan and the other came out finding with me. We met a lot of really cool people, tons of people from mainland! They all say the same thing to us: "No one cares about religion in China." We'll get 'em one day.

Sunday is usually the best day of the week. Bennia came to church with us and she liked it a lot. She was actively participating in the discussions and made a lot of new friends. HUGE step for her.  Sunday night we went to another ward family home evening. This time, Elder Tan and I taught. Guess what we talked about: Working with the ward members. Good stuff.

I promise that each of us has very many opportunities to do "missionary work". big and small. More often than not, it has nothing to do with what we say and everything to do with how we act. Cease the moment, build the Kingdom!

I love you all
Elder Chase Matua

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