Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Working hard in Tianmu

One of my best friends I've made on my mission, Bro Deng
Another week and a half, just like that. Through my entire mission, time has never slowed down. Always accelerating.

Besides time slipping through my finger tips, everything else is going great. Our area here in Tianmu is still on fire. We see miracles on a daily basis.

Our most progressing investigator is my friend named Brother Wu. GREAT guy. So incredibly humble and ready to receive the Gospel in it's fullness. He has so much Faith in Christ that he's always willing to give his all to change and apply the Atonement in his life. He is on track for the 7th of May. We're real excited for him.

A miracle from the street:
We continue to do a lot of finding. Here in Tianmu, there's a few places that often have steady flows of people walking around. Elder Chia and I like going near the MRT stations and try to catch as many people as possible. Just this past Monday we were out at the Ming De station. When I said hello to this man, he sort of hesitated then said, "oh.. uh. hello" then looked down at his phone. I continued talking to him, sharing our purpose as missionaries. The entire contact lasted about 5 minutes or less. He said he doesn't have any specific religion, but can accept that some type of God or maybe divine power exists. I asked him if we could grab his phone number and share with him another time and he agreed. He gave me his number then let me know that he was a little late on time so he had to go. He took maybe 5 more steps, turned around and said, "actually, this is super crazy, I had a dream about you last night."
"Yeah, just last night I had a weird dream. I saw a painting of Jesus. Below the painting it had his name and then some other words."
Before thinking, I pointed at my name tag, "Did it say this?"
"Yeah that."
"Usually I just walk away from you guys. I felt like I should listen this time."
"call me next week!" then he ran off.

I was soooo blown away. We'll see what happens with him. One of the coolest experiences.

By the end of today I will know whether or not I'm moving out of Tianmu. I'm not sure how I feel about that. There's a chance I could be emailing out of another area come next monday!

Have a blessed week!

Elder Chase Matua
P.S. Sorry about the huge lack of pictures lately. I'll get some for monday!

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