Sunday, April 3, 2016

Easter, Saomu and miracles

Meeting up with great people is
always fun
Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. They don't celebrate it at all here in Taiwan. Most members didn't even know it was Easter. No worries, it was still a wonderful time to remember our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Here in Taiwan, around the same time we celebrate Easter, the Taiwanese have a very special holiday. It's called saomu. They get together as families and sweep gravestones, clean up grave sites. They don't know that it's actually symbolizing cleaning an EMPTY tomb. I thought it was pretty interesting.

We had a great Easter weekend. Nobody celebrates Easter here. Not even the members. The special times to remember Christ, such as Christmas and Easter kind of fly over the members heads. Kind of sad.

Me, Elder Huntsman and our little buddy Shawn
I've really appreciated the things I've learned from the spirit since being out on my mission. I've really gotten closer to my Savior. It feels really great. I love this work.

Elder Chia and I are still seeing miracles left and right. You know, before I came on my mission, I always thought I'd be seeing insane miracles on a daily basis. More than anything, I've seen and felt the impact of the small and simple miracles that bring about the great things. Things like finding people who are searching for the truth.

The biggest miracle we saw this week was meeting Brother Wu. Super humble. Super ready to learn. and he came to church! He's right on his way on the path of righteousness.

Another miracle: I'm not sure if you guys remember Ace from Longtan. But I was standing at the MRT station waiting for one of our members to come out and help us with some street contacting. TONS of people walking past us and all of a sudden I see this man running at me. I looked closer and it was ACE! He gave me this huge hug and we were both soo happy to see each other. It gets better. That was on Saturday night. Last night, we were having our planning session and the AP's call. "Hey is this Elder Matua?"
"Do you know a guy named Ace?"
"He showed up to our ward today, said he know's you."

Miracles. Gotta love em.

I love you all. This is the work of the Lord. Don't be afraid to do it. Don't not, Fear not.

Elder Chase Matua

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