Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 6 in Tianmu?

This kid stopped us
on the street and asked
to take a picture with
us and sent it via email
I think it is week 6 in Tianmu hahah.

Last week it was pretty cold, today it feels like June 1. I thought Utah had some pretty crazy weather patterns. Taiwan is just as indecisive as Utah.

The week was super good. We are getting trained over and over again on making the mission vision our target: Baptize, Retain, and Reactivate. That sums up what the Lord's work is. And as missionaries, every single activity we do through out the day, must be aimed towards accomplishing one aspect of the vision. Simple. I love President Jergensen and the way he has been so inspired in leading our mission.

I've got some bad news, Elder Jensen is moving out! The curse continues, one transfer and we're done. I'll never understand why that happens to me. I know the Lord has something greater in store. Also, the assistants called us last night and asked if I would train a new missionary. So that counts as good news. And I'm pretty excited for the opportunity.

In front of the temple with friends and Amber (white coat)
who will be baptized soon
So Amber is getting baptized on Saturday. She'll be the very first new member in the North Taipei Stake that was created yesterday. Cool stuff.

The rest of our investigators are starting to get a little lost. It's getting super hard to get in contact with some of them.

Miracle of the week: Elder Jensen and I usually just go contacting out on the street, instead of just knocking. People have such an easier time rejecting us when they can't see our face, so street finding is a little bit more productive... most of the time. On Friday we decided to knocking. It started off rough, but soon proved to be just where the Lord needed us. In
Our friend Jonathan the cheerleader
Taiwan, most people live in apartments. You have the door bell on the outside and a speaker that the resident can communicate with who is standing at the door. Sometimes, they'll pop the door open with out even asking who it is. That's exactly what happened to us at one door.

We rang the doorbell for one of the basement level homes, the door popped open, and a lady was already standing at her door waiting to see who it was. We said Hello, and started talking with her... well, it was more like talking AT her because she would not say anything.  About a minute passes by and she finally says, well I'm Christian, turns around and slams her door. We head back up to the doorbells and ring the next one and the door flies open. This lady was waiting for us as well, but this one had a big smile on her face. ... and two super happy kids standing by her side. We started talking to her and found out that she has been waiting to go to church but no one has ever invited them so they've never been. A happy couple, and two awesome kids. They are seriously so Golden. We are excited to see the progression they make towards becoming converted in Christ.

Once again, i'm a little scattered. I hope you had a wonderful week. I love you guys tons.

Have a blessed week!
Elder Chase Matua

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