Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas in Taiwan

Getting ready for the festivities to begin
Well, nothing too much to share, I think we covered it all in the skype call :) heheh

The weekend was alright. It's getting colder. Elder Qiu keeps getting funnier. I'm taking him to play rugby today with some of the other boys and he's pretty pumped haha. I am so blessed to have this opportunity to work with this fellow. He's a great guy.

Our investigators are all doing pretty well. We have 4 people on date, one of them isn't answering their phone so that may go down to 3 by the end of the day. Unless we find more people on the street, which we will!! One of the invitations we have is to invite people to baptism on the street.
Taiwan-Taipei Missionaries get set
for an epic Christmas celebration
Not be baptized on the street, but ask them to be baptized, while you're standing on the street. Fun stuff. Some people look at us like we're crazy. But those that are prepared, who truly have an open heart and are looking for something more in their life, they'll hear the whispering's of the spirit and they will be moved. I love this work.

One of our less actives came to church yesterday and said he wants to duan chuan (serve a temporary mission whenever and wherever they need one on island). He's pretty dedicated to it, so it's been cool to see him sincerely apply the Atonement. People change, and it's awesome to be able to see it happen front row.

Christ is our Savior. He is the Son of the Living God. And because Heavenly Father loves us so dearly, he sent him to us. Sent Him FOR us. How grateful I am for this diving gift. Make EVERY day Christmas.

I love you all. Have such a blessed week
Elder Chase Matua

Poly Elders reunited
The Assistants ran up and said it would be awesome to
do the haka. We even got Pres. Jergensen to do it with us
I played one of the wise men in the nativity
With Pres. Jergensens' family
I took a picture in front of this structure with Elder Smith
nearly a year ago. Crazy!

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