Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Another great week

Hello from the CCSM! Things are great as always. More great experiences. We've still been biking a lot, which has been really fun. The several inches of snow we got last Sunday melted by the middle of the week and we actually got to play football yesterday for P-Day. I've made friends with many of the missionaries here so that was sooo fun to run around and play football again! Due to transfers last week, our district has grown. We have 12 missionaries total when the average here in the mission is 4-6. It's fun though.

The work is really progressing here. One of our investigators is getting baptized this weekend. It was amazing to see how well the Lord had been preparing her for the Gospel to enter her life. She is so receptive to everything we have to say and her Faith in Christ has developed so well. She will be an amazing asset to our ward and to the Church.

We've been working a lot with inactive families. Helping them remember how much Heavenly Father loves them. Most of the time, when you can get somebody to ponder on how much God loves them, they can truly feel the spirit, and remember what this gospel can do for them. Everything right? It's great.

I continue to meet a lot of awesome people. I love it here in Colorado Springs. There hasn't been a day that has gone by where my companions and I don't laugh our heads off at something. Along with that, each and every day, we grow closer and closer through this wonderful work! Elder Guy and Elder Johnson are awesome.

Mom and Dad, it's great to hear you guys are pursuing that business. It sounds like it's getting real. I wish you the best of luck in that and I'll pray extra hard for you as well. Sounds like the boys are doing really well. How crazy is it that all five of your boys will have the priesthood by the end of March? That's so cool! The more I think about it, the more I realize how fast time FLIES.. and it's crazy! Give it six years and you'll have four returned missionaries and one in the field. You guys are old haha.

I hope you guys have a great week this week. Never forget how much I love you guys. More than that, never forget how much our Father in Heaven loves you. I think about you all often. Thanks for your love and support. It gets me through the day! Miss you all!

Elder Chase Matua

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