Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Well, it's already been a great start to a great year. 2015 is my one whole missionary year, from January to December, so that's pretty cool. I'm very excited for all that will happen.

Beautiful Pike's Peak
The weather was pretty crazy this week - lots and lots of snow! This week was the first time I've ever felt my nose hairs freeze! Super cold, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were all either single digits or below zero. One morning we even went out to the car and had to scrape ice off of the inside of the car. Very cold but very fun. Then on Thursday 'til yesterday it was pretty sunny. Reminded me of Utah.

Lots of teaching appointments this week, most of which were with inactive families. It's been great helping them. I'm sure I've told you this before, but we get fed every night. So every night we also get the opportunity to share a message with a family in the ward as well, which is great. One of my favorite appointments this week was with a couple who had just gotten married about four months ago. He served in Canada a couple years ago, and is recently inactive. She was raised Catholic but doesn't really practice any religion now. Great people. They were both so hilarious. He was pretty open about not wanting to go back to church anytime soon, but for some reason, I felt like she was very interested in the church and just missionaries period. I'm sure the spirit will continue to work with both of them. Amazing people.
Elder G staring at the snow

Also, another appointment that touched me this week was with a member. He had a pretty rough past, caught up in the whole gang scene, he mentioned to us that he used to be best homies with Satan. He was baptized a couple of years ago, and soon after that got thrown into jail. He's currently on house arrest, but just from meeting with him, I can tell his life has completely flipped around. He has such a humble attitude about him. I don't think I've ever felt somebody's love for me that doesn't even know me, that strong. It has helped my testimony of the Atonement grow so much. We taught him about the Christlike attributes of Charity and Love and it fit with him. He is such a great guy.

Our friend who wanted a picture collage of Christ
Some pretty funny experiences this week as well. On Monday, an old lady (sort of super crazy haha) knocked on our door to ask if she could have a collage of Jesus like we have on our window. We told her we'd love to make her one. That night we made her one and the next day we saw her walking across the lawn out of our window. So we ran outside to give her the collage and she started bawling!! ..for like two seconds. Literally. Then she thanked us a ton and almost gave Elder Johnson a hug which scared him pretty bad, it was hilarious. I'll have to attach a picture of her. She's a very nice lady.

We also had a dunk contest last night...and we had some complaints this morning. hahaha

A young lady at Sonic flipped out when she heard we go to church every Sunday. She thought it was absolutely insane that we go every single Sunday. She calls us the church boys haha. We invited her to come to church with us yesterday, but she didn't show up. Hopefully we'll get her one of these days. (yes, we're Sonic regulars)

New Year's fun after a Sonic run
New Years was pretty great. We had normal days both new years eve and new years day, but on new years eve we set an alarm for 11:55 and woke up to see fireworks being launched off of Pike's Peak. It was super cool. Great week last week.

It always bring me so much joy to read your guys' emails. I love hearing how great everybody is. I was SO jealous watching those videos of the annual Matua dodgeball games! I miss those! But I'm glad to see you guys enjoyed time with the family. Quinn looks like a baller! Hahaha I started laughing my head off when I heard him call out the play! So funny, hope he's having fun.

Dad and mica, I hope your rugby stuff is all going well. It's fun hearing about it. Hopefully United has a good season this year. It'll be cool to hear about nationals again.

Bundling up for a day of visits
Hearing about your 2015 themes was awesome. I'm not sure what my theme is. Maybe.. Diligence. Getting things done and doing as much as I can?

I hope you all have a great week this week. Hope the boys enjoy being back in school!

Anyways, I love you guys dearly. Miss you guys tons. I hope 2015 treats you all well!

Love you
Elder Chase Matua

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