Sunday, August 10, 2014

Transfers, service, blessings and ward camps

With ward members at the temple
Transfer week was crazy as usual. We spent the first half of the week saying goodbye to people with Elder Choo and the second half of the week introducing Elder Shute. After we got back from transfer meeting we got Elder Shute settled in and then tried to figure out where to put a tripanionship of elders becuase their pad is like a closet and can't fit three guys.

I was able to give my first blessing to our neighbor (Teisa Ofahengaue). Usually I do the anionting and my companion does the sealing but I guess this time it was my turn. Thursday was a normal day visiting our normal people and getting Elder shute familiar with the area.

Friday we had a choir practice that my companion signed us up for, then a normal day. Saturday we sang in a missionary choir for a funeral of a man who has done a lot to help the mission and missionary work in general. the choir did really good. I kinda stopped singing and just listened because it sounded so good. Probably could give MoTab a run for their money. haha!

We had to rush back from to help with multiple service projects, moving and cleaning up after the flooding. Then finished off our night with a dinner at the Hauula 4th ward camp. Sunday we attended church and then went back to the Hauula 4th ward camp for dinner with the Falatea family and friends and then we were able to help with a Lehi's dream spiritual walk. Good Week!

It is just life as usually for missionaries here. Just trying to stay busy and stay out of trouble. The food is still the same, good and fattening. We had the Samoan ward feeding us this month so we ate a lot. Pretty close to throwing up at a couple of the houses. You really do have to eat everything that they give you and they just keep giving and giving.

Mom, the wards or stakes provide us with 72-hour kits, we have some, but some missionaries will crack them open when they run out of food and money. haha Some pads I've been in don't have them. They usually have two: one with food and one with survival stuff.

Not really any new people [to teach] they are very rare here in Laie. I am getting closer to a lot of the less actives that we have though. This week was a lot of packing for my companion and saying goodbye to people. Nothing else out of the ordinary.

Quinn, I see your buddies Vai and Keola every now and then I play basketball with them on Thursday sometimes. They said Hi.

I'm still working on taking more pictures. Its really hard... really hard. I miss rugby... miss you guys... but I love Hawaii and the work.

Love Elder King Matua

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