Monday, August 18, 2014

Hurricanes, service, ants and Samoan lessons

I really hope that I will be able to serve in Kauai. I have already met some really great members from there and heard so many great things.

It is sad how many people do not have the knowledge that happiness can be eternal and that families can be eternal. So many people do not want to change their lives and live by the standards of Christs gospel. Sadly it takes the passing of a loved one sometimes to get people going. But sometimes it is the joy of a new child that lets people feel the light of Christ in their lives. I love being able to see people who are ready to make the change. It is rare and usually requires a lot of work, but it is worth it to try with everyone.

Don't send cash!! It always gets lost in the mail. I've seen so many elders never receive money that they are waiting for haha! Glad to hear you guys got home. The "hurricane" wasn't even as bad as the storm that we had a few weeks ago. After five hours in the pad we kinda saw the sun so we got out and drove. The roads were clear and everyone was back to normal. It only rained for like 45 minutes. No real flooding.

I have learned so much Samoan in the past two weeks though. Elder Young Yen has been teaching me everyday. I will really have to go visit some of these Samoan missionaries when we all get home. His family owns a rental car company so we have a discounted car on Savaii haha! I really hope that somewhere along my mission I get to serve with a Samoan as my comp but for now elder Shute is my man.

I am doing better at my journal. It isn't every night but it is pretty close. It is my year mark resolution to do better. I'm not a writer like dad so I don't think that my entries will be as inspiring, but I when my kids complain about companions I will be able to connect.

I got the first package. The P.O.S. thing is really cool. All my companions think I collect pez now haha! For the most part I do fine money wise. Dinner every night and leftovers for lunch, then protein and toast for breakfast, maybe and egg or two.

Another week in good ole Hau'ula. We got to go to Pearl Harbor and do some service this week which is always a good time.

Friday was a really good day. I went on exchange with Elder Young Yen (who's from Samoa) and contact a good group of less actives in the Samoan ward. He has really been helping me learn Samoan and when I am able to take him with me to teach, the people are very open to him. This ward would do great things with an elder from Samoa.

On Saturday we did some service with the Tongan ward on a huge garden (more like a farm). When we were just about done, we had to move some logs. I picked one up and put it over my shoulder. A few seconds later my whole shoulder started to tingle and then sting. I had about a million ants fall out of the log onto my shoulder. Was a very new experience haha! Gotta love service!

Crazy having a four week transfer. It is already that time again next week. Not sure if I will be staying in Hau'ula or not. Also crazy that I have hit my year mark. Time is going by so fast. I never really believed anyone when they told me how fast it goes by. But I do now. The next year will be one to remember. Sorry my emails aren't that great. My communication skills haven't really improved I guess. But I still love you all!

Elder Matua

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