Thursday, July 17, 2014

North Shore life

Picked up a good amount of lessons this week with a lot of good people. Most of them were less active or recent converts but it is nice to teach and do service where we can.

We had another car fast on Friday so Elder Choo and I did a lot of walking. Nothing too new or exciting just another good week here in good ole Hau'ula.

I've learned that I can be saved a lot of pain by listening to my companion. He had some Korean noodle packs and I asked him if I could have one. He said yes but I probably wasn't going to like it cause it was really spicy. Me thinking that I know spice tried to eat it anyways. Four bites in my tongue was on fire! It didn't help that I had burned my tongue earlier that week when I bit into some pizza that was fresh out of the oven. Yes my companion told me not to eat that too. haha! So lesson of the week, listen to what your companion says ... sometimes he knows what he is talking about.

Elder Matua

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