Thursday, July 24, 2014

A visit to Pounders, catching crabs and Nela Otuafi

This week was business as usual. Monday night we went to go visit a recent convert and they weren't home but earlier that day we had seen them by Pounders beach so we went to see if they were still there. We saw their car so we parked and walk down to look for them. They were sitting by the river just talking and playing games so we sat down to talk to them. They told us that they had been crabbing all day. They showed us how they were doing it with these nets and they caught some pretty big crabs. One of the crabs got stuck in the net so we took awhile to help them get it out.

That same family came with use to a fireside at the visitors center last night. It was a musical cottage meeting and our recent convert loved it. We also got to go to a fireside where the speaker was Nela Otuafi who is a song writer who wrote a song called "How Can I Be". He talked about how music can be used to hasten the work.

Yesterday after church we also had a training with Elder Auna and Pres. Warner. They trained our Stakes Bishops, Ward Mission Leaders and ward missionaries. Good training so hopefully our wards can catch a vision on how they would like to use us as missionaries.

We got to go to the temple on Friday. Brother Butler and his family were in our session so that was pretty cool. It has been nice to see him at church for the past couple of weeks.

Saturday night we had some crazy thunderstorm action. The whole house was shaking a couple of times. I fell asleep through it but Elder Choo didn't get to bed until late. Some families had some flooding in their homes but I don't think anything too bad.

This week we will be looking for place to serve to help clean up. They are anticipating more rain so people are going to get some sand bags up. I will try and send more pictures, I have been hearing from a lot of people that there is some crazy lady in Utah that is desperate for pictures. I guess I'm just not a picture guy. Sorry mom. But I will TRY and do better haha!

Love you all!
Elder King Matua

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