Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The work is progressing

It has been a pretty good week. We taught so many lessons in Marshallese. Now we just need to get them married and baptized and we will be on our way to a [new] Marshallese unit. The lessons are mostly taught by Elder Seremai but I'm there and I'm halfway there to learning my testimony in Marshallese.

Last Tuesday Bishop Casuga told us that we had an appointment at 11 am. We said shoots and went. We took Brother Kobeney from the bishopric and went to the lesson. It was awesome! His name is Lopaka and he is a super nice smart guy. He loved the lesson and committed to baptism. We had another lesson with him on Friday and he is still solid. We are going to meet with him every Wednesday, so hopefully he can be ready for his baptismal date on Jan 26th!

Things are really picking up. We do some physical therapy every morning with Elder Seremai so hopefully he will be walking normal soon. Our district consists of me and Elder Seremai, the Waimea 1st Elders (Humpherys), Sisters in Kohala and a Senior couple in Kohala. It's a lot of work but it's pretty fun.

I got your letters and the package. Thanks for the goodies and calender. I'll write you guys back sometime this week. Hope all is well with school and getting ready for rugby.

Love you all!
Elder Matua

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