Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A late P-Day note

Note: P-Day in Hawaii was late for our missionary due to the holiday. Small world - DeAnn Anderton's (the Anderton's are our dear friends and neighbors) sister and brother in-law were visiting Hawaii and ran into Elder Matua in the Kona Temple. They snapped the attached photo of Elder Matua and Elder Seremai in front of the temple.

We just got done at the temple. I'm glad to hear you guys are all doing well and staying busy. I'm missing rugby so much. I haven't been able to play here much lately.

It sounds like the ward is doing good. The mission is doing good. We just had interviews with President Warner. Mine was really good. I feel comfortable sharing things with him so it went really well. These last three months have gone by faster than the previous three months. I've almost been out for six months! Time is flying and I'm doing great.

I hope all goes well with the rugby games this weekend and I hope that no one gets hurt and that everyone has a good experience. I'm also hoping that Samoa can pick it up too. I hope that we [United Rugby] can go this year without any serious injuries but that is not likely.

I might be in Waikoloa one more transfer longer. Most of our investigators are Marshallese and they are doing really good. I just bare my testimony at the end in Marshallese so that's always fun. Even though I don't understand the language much the spirit really tells me what is being taught. It's an awesome experience.

Our investigator Lopaka is doing good as well. I wasn't at his last lesson because we were on exchange but from the report from my companion Elder Seremai, it went well and we should see him on Wednesday.

The Mission in general is doing a lot better.

Love you all,
Elder Matua

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