Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Birthday, Investigators and YSA fun

My first birthday on the
Lord's errand
Another great week in Hangook.

The work is moving along great. We got a new investigator last week while we were proselyting. He said that he sees the missionaries all the time and they always say hi to him so he wanted to see what we were all about. He actually lives in a totally different city but says he doesn't want to meet with those Elders.

Yesterday (3/12) was my first birthday on a mission and it was awesome. It was also fast sunday since we had stake conference last week. Our bishop told us that he has been praying for some younger people for our Ward since there is very few youth and young adults. Yesterday six new members walked in who were about 18 and 19 and are in Busan for school. The Bishop was really excited and told all of the YSA to come to his house for dinner. Me and Elder Johnstun went downtown to meet up with everyone. We went to the subway station and one by one they got off the train or bus, since none of them have cars. Then we all walked to the Bishops house. It was really fun. He made a lot of really "healthy" korean food.

Our Bishop really loves to sing so he had us sing hymns for like 30-minutes. I was trying to keep my birthday a secret but somehow one of the members found out and had everyone sing happy birthday to me. After that we went to the church and had cake. It was definetly different having a birthday on a mission but still really good.

Thanks family! My birthday was great. We got to spend almost the whole day with the members. And then I spent the whole night and this morning getting calls from my friends around the mission. Tell Ramsey and Julius I said good luck [on the mission].

One of my favorite scriptures now is Mosiah 5:13. We can never know the master if we don't serve him and serve as he did.

I am grateful to be serving the Lord and the people of korea.

Love you all,
Elder Mica Matua

Celebrating with friends
More lessons from the amazing teacher Steve
Riding the train in Korea is so fun
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