Sunday, March 13, 2016

New companion, great week

I'm gonna miss this guy
This past week was a lot better than the last one.

Seeing Elder Qiu off was hard, but he emailed me and I got a good laugh in.
He's a funny guy and i'll have to keep in close contact with him. Super sad seeing Elder Qiu off, but I'm excited for him to continuing his journey. He sent me an email that said, "hey dude, i want to tell you , The USA's rice is really not good , when you try you will know!!!" He's a funny guy.

Got a little closer to the Savior this week. I learned that "the purpose of going through the refiner's fire isn't to face challenges. It is to meet the refiner." If there is one thing I've learned on my mission, it is Jesus Christ Lives. The power of His Atoning sacrifice is infinite in every way.

My new companion is Elder Chia from Sandy, UT. He's been in Taiwan for 6 months now, and he was just companions with my buddy Elder Smith. We're excited to do some good work together. His dad is Taiwanese, and his mother is Korean. Loves the work, and does it well.

Elders of the North Zone
We actually saw a lot of miracles this week. Met some really great people, and two of them showed up at church. Tianmu was alive this week. It felt really good. I felt much power from the love and support of each of you. Thanks for your prayers.

Me and Elder Chia
This week is going to be interesting. I may have another new companion by next monday. I could even be in a new area. We'll have to see what the Lord has in store.

A scripture that hit me hard this week:
Alma 31:38 - How can our afflictions be swallowed up in the joy of Christ?

Fun fact: The Taiwan-Taipei mission is welcoming four (4) Pioneers this week. Good luck to each of them.

Have a blessed week!

Elder Chase Matua

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