Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Another crazy week

Ward activity - Long bus ride!
I don't even know where to begin!

We had a lot of opportunity to do service, and that's always fun. On Tuesday we helped the 1st ward elders do service for one of their investigators, then on Friday, Brother Huang came with Elder Stewart and I WAY up in the mountains to do some service for brother Chen. It was at an old run down Scout Camp. It reminded me of Timberline and Tifie and all that stuff. I wanted to get out of there fast hahaha! It was fun though.

Yesterday we actually had an entire investigator family come to church! The Guo family. They are SO awesome. They have loved saying prayers together and reading the Book of Mormon together!

Taiwanese buses have karaoke!
On Saturday, we went up to Hualien for a ward activity. It was pretty fun, but most of it was just a bus ride. maybe 9 hours on a bus, 3 hours off.

Wednesday night English class was pretty sad. We had 9 kids in our class. During our personal share we asked who believed in God. They all got super mad at the question and immediately answered a big NO. That made me super bummed.

Our ward is so awesome. They continue to contribute to the work of the Lord. The work is going great. I might leave this week which would make me super sad!
Sorry this email was kinda lousy.

Love you all, have a blessed week!
Elder Chase Matua
Service at a Taiwan Scout camp
Scout camp reminded me of my days at Tifie and Timberline
This was fun and rewarding service

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