Monday, October 19, 2015

More miracles

With my little homie Sheng Jie

Another one for the books! Time continues to fly!

One of the greatest challenges I have is trying to remember things that happened during the week to share with you guys. What's worse is it's hard to get time to write in my journal. Oh well, I'm just banking on a miraculous remembrance of everything that happens once I get home.

We saw more miracles! I'd say the coolest one was with a less active member. Sister Wu set us up for dinner on Tuesday night.

Our favorite intersection - we ride
from corner to corner until people
stop to talk
When we showed up, she felt like she needed to invite Sister Lin
to eat with us. I guess Sister Lin didn't know we were gonna be over there. When we showed up she jumped. She was baptized last year, but went less active maybe around the end of 2014. On Tuesday night, she was pretty open about the way she feels. She really doesn't feel like Heavenly Father loves her, or if He even exists. She told us how before she got baptized, she had Faith that it would make her really happy, but nothing changed. We bore our testimonies to her, about the nature of God and how true Faith will give us desire to change. She was silent for the rest of the night. Well, she showed up to church on Sunday. The sisters in our ward talked to her, and she let them know that she has DECIDED to change her life, and be happy. She was smiling the entire time at Church. Super cool to see the spirit touch someone pretty hard.

My comp snapped this
pic of me after a 35-mile
bike ride for a visit

Saturday we went up to Guan Shan. Such a beautiful area. We met a LOT of crazy people. Ran into this Yi Guan Dao (the pervasive way?) convention and they were trying to convert us. I had an old lady holding my arm trying to push my towards their little party. She saw Jesus Christ on my name tag and she ran away. Still others were pretty persistent. Good people. Guan Shan is a good place.

Elder Stewart and I are still trying to work super hard, building our area up. We're having trouble trying to help people get to church. It's hard, but the Lord will provide. He always does.

I hope you all have a blessed week!

Much love from Taiwan!
Elder Chase Matua

Our visit to Guan Shan - beautiful area!

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