Monday, March 17, 2014

Smacked in the face & chased with a hose

Well we had another super fun week of cancelled appointments and choke tracting! Hurrah for a small pool of investigators. Even with all the disappointment it was still a good week.

While tracting, my companion was being VERY persistent with a man that REALLY didn't want to talk to us. I could feel it so I took a couple of steps back and when my companion asked if there was anything we could help him with he said, "yes, you can start running!" while reaching for his hose! Fun times!

Then we ran into the little old lady who was hard core Seventh Day Adventist and said she would love to hear what we have to say about the bible, while she was doing so she was dual hand patting my cheeks pretty hard. I had no clue what to do.

You have some fun experiences when tracting. We just got a new chunk of the marine base to cover so we have some cool new families coming into the ward, and choke less-actives.

I will send some new pics next week I haven't had the chance to update my drive with new pics yet.

Elder Matua

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