Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Letters from Paradise

Dear Family,

If it makes you feel any better it has pretty much rained non-stop here in Kaneohe since I arrived but I love it! New area and new comp. It's beautiful here - super green. It feels like I'm at Jurassic Park LOL! My comp (Elder Velma from Idaho) and I have been working really hard since I got here. I think the next six weeks are gonna fly by.

Dad - yeah, I think we need to switch allegiance and become Springbok fans. It stinks to support and love a team but constantly see it fall short of it's full potential. I hope Samoa does better soon.

It sounds like Lehi Fa-Taha is pumping out the missionaries. I met Kai Raass' sister. She is in my ward here. Small world huh?

Here's a small, funny story for you guys from my days in Kona involving our Area Seventy Elder Ahuna:

My companion and I were leaving dinner and on our way out we were stopped by a guy who was very drunk. Scary but we stuck around to hear what he had to say. In about 15-minutes he had taught us the entire Restoration lesson. We were very surprised. We left him our number but he said that he was moving soon. We told him that we would stop by anyway to check on him. His name was Scott.

The next day at church we heard that Bro. Casuga had received a referral from Elder Ahuna for a guy named Scott who seemed to match the description of the Scott we had met the previous night.

Long story short - they were two different Scott's but we were able to make contact with the referral from Elder Ahuna. The one we met on the road that night really did move down south so we gave his name and number to the Elder's in that area. They are now teaching him the lessons. I was able to teach Elder Ahuna's referral, Scott Carter, who is a very smart guy who is ready for the gospel.

The Lord prepared two hearts to receive the gospel message. We just had to listen to the spirit. I have another really cool story about another investigator that I worked with in Kona and reconnected with here in Kaneohe but I'll have to tell you that one later.

I'm loving my new Ward. We have Samoan Bishop (Steve Laulu) who works at the PCC in Laie. He reminds me of a possible character for Laughing Samoans! He's hilarious. There are a lot of Samoans in this area so my language learning efforts have doubled. I'm getting the hang of it. Reading the B.O.M. helps me most. I'm picking on Samoan and also a bit of Tongan. I hope to be speaking both languages by the time I get home!

Recently I've really noticed that I have been able to see people as Christ sees them not as the world sees them. I love having that ability here in the field. I hope that I can continue to grow in that aspect and also keep doing so when my mission is over. I hate that being judgmental is a defining characteristic of the natural man, which is an enemy to God. We need to put off the natural man and become as a child (Mosiah 3:19).

Being out here in the service of the Lord has really shown me that simplicity is the way of the Lord. Complicating thins is the devils way of confusing people and dulls the Spirit.

Mom, I love you so much. I don't know what I would do without having the most amazing woman in the world as my mom.

'O le Atua o lo tatou Tama Fa'alelelagi alofa. 'O Iesu Keriso o le Fa'aola o le lalolagi.

'Oute alofa tele ia te 'oe
Elder Matua

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